Discover the future of education – New-age classrooms at IMI Bhubaneswar

Digitization has changed the traditional classroom-style teaching. The present-day modern classrooms offer a high-tech learning environment. When we speak of the top PGDM institutes in India, particularly, they are increasingly promoting advanced learning techniques with the application of cutting-edge smart learning tools, like- Bloomberg terminals, SAP predictive analytics, SAP Lumira, Tableau, MarkStat, and other visual mediums to augment the learning experience.

For an advanced course like PGDM, the graphical, as well as visual representation of complex subjects and concepts has made learning easy. To say, in some ways, the future has arrived, wouldn’t be an incorrect statement, because technology is already playing a huge role in every aspect of our life. While no one can predict with certainty what classrooms are likely to look like in the next three or four decades, we are already starting to see the first few seeds of technology grabbing roots in education today.

Most of the top PGDM institutes in India, including IMI Bhubaneswar, is an example of a campus that has been redesigned from the ground up to change the structure of how teaching and learning happens. One of the ways the top PGDM institute in India has done this is by embracing technology to make education more exciting and less dull. With cloud-based applications, it has become simpler for educators to go beyond text-based, linear instructions, which in a way, has helped students experience truly immersive learning. As students of IMI are utilizing and getting exposure to these tools for regular class-work, their understanding of teamwork and familiarity with collaborative sources is strengthening more and more. And in a world that is heavily relying on technology and the internet, and where more and more start-ups are sprouting up, this undoubtedly has become an important skill to pick up early on in life.

Speaking on how IMI’s upgraded classrooms and modern approach to teaching has helped and contributed to better learning, students share their experience and what they witnessed first-hand. Aashish Kumar, from the PGDM batch, comments, “I never had the chance to work on MS Excel until I enrolled at IMI and realized how important it is. Thanks to the institute for training each one of us that I learned the A to Z of Excel which came to use after the course ended. What was even more beneficial was the program on Management Information System (MIS), which was conducted in the second semester with an aim to help us make appropriate decisions for the organizations we work for in the near future.”

Similarly, Saquib Nafis said, “Being tech-savvy is the need of the hour and IMI B does know how to offer the right opportunities to students that will develop our tech skills. It was during our course duration that we were taught SPSS, a platform designed to perform statistical analysis. Though learning this program was challenging and tricky, it helped in understanding complex data and forecasting. Additionally, we were imparted the knowledge of machine learning by means of R and Python, which are typically the widely used programming languages today. This institute managed to create a learning space for us that is not only flexible and purposeful but also relevant for the ever-evolving pedagogy of tomorrow.”

In essence, the top PGDM institutes in India are not just teaching students how to manage a team or market effectively, but also showing them how to improve productivity or fuel creativity within the four walls of the classroom, as well as outside of it!