Benefits of girl education

Education is a matter of human rights and a huge investment in the overall development and economic growth of the world. The benefit of educating a girl is astonishing. Health improves, economies grow and Societies are transformed. When girls are educated, their families, and nations prosper. Educated girls are transforming the world.

Preventing child marriage

Many girls are married before they are eighteen. They are forced to marry by their families in exchange for a dowry. Once married, many girls wanting to continue their education are usually refused this right, due to traditional roles they are expected to perform in the home, such as childbearing and cleaning. The girls child education is a powerful tool to enable girls to avoid child marriage and fulfil their potential. By educating the girl child, it is less likely she is to be married before the age of eighteen and have children during her teenage years.

Improvement in skills

The girls child education gives the chance to develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to make knowledgeable decisions including when, and whom, they will marry. Due to educating the girl child by providing quality education, girls are up to six times less likely to marry as children.

Building more stable communities

Education builds flexibility, enabling countries to recover from conflict faster once peace is formed. Quality education can even help prevent conflict in the first place through lessons on social skills and critical thinking. While primary education is vital to girls, it’s secondary education that can be transformative.

Tackling climate change

Many research suggests that girls education reduces a country’s vulnerability to natural disasters. Education is one of the most cost-effective strategies to decrease carbon emissions and down climate change. If the girl’s level of education is higher and good, the more likely she was to show care for the environment.

Encourages economies and reduces poverty

Various researches found that level of education has a visible impact on employment prospects. Usually, secondary school graduates enjoy higher earning potential than early school leavers, contributing to the majority of the national economy through full-time employment and tax.

Educated women make their own decisions 

Educated girls and women have greater trust and independence to make decisions that change their lives. They’re better equipped to examine the cultural importance that women belong in the home, raising children and doing the chores. Education empowers young women to think beyond cultural norms and continue their dreams of a better life.

Better health

Girls’ education has different and transformative health benefits, which can be passed through generations. If all girls received the proposed twelve years of fee-free, quality education, the number of early births would drop by 59% and child deaths would decrease by 49%. Also, women with primary education are better to protect both themselves and their families against other health risks. Educated mothers are also inclined to vaccinate their children.

Bottom line

Unbelievable things happen when a girl receives an education. Women after education contributes to the economy of the country. She shows courage and self-determination for her children.