Yes, Graduation Sash Colors Have a Meaning

Graduation ceremonies are important events as a way to celebrate what you have achieved during your time at school. Whether it is high school or college, every milestone is worth celebrating.

Other than the graduation cap and gown, a graduation sash is a lovely addition to your graduation ensemble. But did you know that graduation sash colors are not just mere decorations to that dark graduation gown? Yes, graduation sash colors have their purpose for every graduation attendee.

What is a Graduation Sash?

A graduation sash or often referred to as a graduation stole is a long piece of cloth worn by a graduate over a gown. The use of sash has been around since the 12th century usually seen on priests as means to symbolize their position. Over the years, the idea of wearing stoles was passed to academic institutions.

Graduation sash comes in different colors, designs, and materials. This comes in satin, cotton, polyester, and nylon from medium to high-quality fabrics. The embroidery, finishing, and design depend on the graduate’s academic achievement and accomplishments.

Graduation Sash Colors and Meanings

In high school, graduates wear a graduation sash made of satin or silk which is about 5 inches wide worn by the students over their shoulders. As mentioned, graduation sash can be customized and come in different colors according to the specific accomplishments of the graduates.

The Valedictorian, salutatorian, commencement speaker, and graduates who participate in extracurricular activities wear graduation sashes of distinct colors.

Meanwhile, college and university graduates may wear graduation sash according to their club, fraternity/sorority affiliations, or academic membership. Graduation sash colors also vary to show the field of study or degree.

  • Beige – this color represents business degrees like accounting
  • Black – represents achievement in business or economics
  • Brown – worn by theater arts, visual arts, and fine arts graduates
  • Copper – worn by economic graduates
  • Crimson – represents a degree in journalism
  • Dark Blue – represents philosophy and science degrees
  • Green – the color represents healthcare majors, pharmacy, and physics
  • Gold – gold sash represents science majors like physics, chemistry, and practical science
  • Light Blue – this one is often seen worn by education graduates
  • Orange – engineering graduates wear an orange sash
  • Pink – the feminine color represents music majors

Other Graduation Sash Colors

Other than the above-mentioned colors, you might notice that graduation sash of other colors. Yes, this happens when the school permits students to wear graduation sash that might have a cultural significance in addition to their existing stoles.

Sometimes schools decide the colors they want to choose for their graduates. Other than the standard colors mentioned, schools might want to their own colors and meanings.

High school and college graduations are huge milestones, one academic achievement that you should be proud of. You have made it this far, so a gown and a cap are not enough to celebrate the occasion.

Before the pre-graduation partying and the big day, preparation for graduation is a must. Start preparing that beautiful addition to your graduation attire – the graduation sash that matches your field of study.