Why you should never ignore NCERT while preparing for competitions

You might have to go the extra mile while searching for the best books to study for competitive exams as there are a plethora of books on the shelves today. There are many books that claim to be the ultimate place for your test preparation providing an array of study materials. It makes your understanding of the topics better, and your concepts clearer. Nevertheless, you can not ignore NCERT, and there are many reasons to back this statement.

NCERT is the base for all books-

It is the foundation of all other textbooks written by different authors. It is prescribed by CBSE itself, and it follows the rigorous curriculum very closely. It provides comprehensive and detailed study material. NCERT maths books are a good example as their chapters cover all significant mathematics concepts and the major questions related to them. NCERT focuses on clarifying the concept of the students and gives to-the-point solutions.

NCERT covers all topics-

If you are worrying if the topics mentioned in your textbook are all you need to crack the toughest competition, you can always look out for NCERT books. NCERT solutions are structured in a way that they cover major chapters in a concise manner. Students can practice other books as well, however, NCERT ensures that it provides everything in one place, so that the students don’t have to refer to other books. It is necessary to complete all the topics mentioned in the NCERT book before referring to other books for more information.

Students following NCERT are at an advantage-

Since most of the competitive exams follow the CBSE syllabus, solutions provided by NCERT are also in line with the CBSE curriculum. This gives the students learning from NCERT an edge over the rest. If you go through the NCERT book first before referring to other books, you can complete the overall preparation faster as they are concise and to the point without redundant explanation. Thus, it is advised by many academies to focus on completing the NCERT syllabus first. On all counts, studying from NCERT increases your chance to crack the test.

Complicated topics are explained in a simplified manner-

If you have ever gone through an NCERT book, you must be aware that the explanations are very comprehensive. Even when it comes to complex problems, the NCERT answers are framed in a simplified manner that can be easily understood by anyone.

Entrance Exams questions are similar to NCERT questions-

As NCERT follows the CBSE curriculum, many NCERT questions can be found on the question papers of the entrance exams. Therefore, NCERT is the best book for understanding concepts, clearing doubts, and doing exam-relevant preparation.

While other books help you broaden and enhance your knowledge with their practice papers, in-depth explanation, and vast examples, the NCERT works on building your foundation and clarifying your concepts. Furthermore, it is extremely important to study from a school-recommended book.