Which one is cheaper? มังงะ Is the anime?

It’s definitely manga which will be cheaper than Anime because an Anime episode can cost between US $100,000 and US$300,000 to produce. An Anime series requires lots of work which clearly means it would be costly to create the content. But to create a manga series there is no need to throw money like water and this is the basic reason behind cheapness of Manga. 

If you want to read manga online for free then you can go through Shônen jump in the digital version. Here you can access three chapters of any series for free which is ongoing.

Kadokawa is known as the biggest publisher of Manga in Japan. This company has launched its own service called comic walker to read comics online for free of cost which is official. It can be availed on web.

Book walker is a service which is one stop shop for legal and official digital comics from Japan this is also run by kadokawa. The source where you can avail it is web, android, iOS.

Apart from these there are lots of platforms available to read มังงะ and get relaxed.

How Manga is different from Anime?

Manga is the term which was used by the artist Hokusai first in Japan, manga is a character having large eyes, small mouth and unique hair color. Which is used to tell a story with amazing form of storytelling, despite it Anime is a cartoon which is based on animation and invented by Tezuka Osamu.Manga took just one week to be created and published but in anime it took more than one month to be created as well as it can be published. This is the major difference between both of these cartoons. For those who can’t wait long to be thrilled as well as get amazed manga would be the best. But if there is one who likes action in animation and can wait long can enjoy anime.

In which form manga published for their Readers?

Manga is used to be published in a written form and in a sequence with a Japanese script which is often used in Japanese literature known as Kanji. The style of writing it is unique. It starts from right to left.

Who can read มังงะ?

 Whoever is a book lover whether it’s a kids or an adult or an old can read Manga and enjoy it.