What the new IIT entry standards mean for graduate students


What could be a major change in the admissions process of some of the country’s leading engineering institutions, a council appointed by the Department of Human Resources Development (MHRD) recommended a new system for selecting candidates for the IIT-JEE?

Candidates who qualify to take the JEE exam will now be selected based on their success in the Class XII exams, as well as the aptitude test, as opposed to a specific exam in physics, chemistry and mathematics. Is it a better selection process than simply relying on the results of IIT-JEE? Here we write our opinions.

The proposed admission process addresses many of the concerns we have with the current JEE system. A large number of JEE applicants in the past skipped the teaching and learning process in school, iit jee coaching in Kharghar and focused on the entrance exam. This negatively affects the overall learning of applicants, as the school curriculum is more complex and includes labs, languages, and other skills.

According to the recommendation, 70% of the weight will go to the test bench and 30% to the aptitude test. Training centres will now have a more restricted role.

The government must bring all 11th and 12th graders together in a common curriculum before pursuing plans to increase the weight of the internship in the IIT selection. A good emphasis on advice labels is a good step, but before it can be implemented, the government will need to take some preliminary steps.

Getting high scores on the CBSE is not a difficult task because the program and the test standard are easier. However, it is very difficult to achieve high marks on committee reviews conducted by state governments, such as the UP Committee, Haryana Committee, and Bihar Committee. The finish of these boards is close to 80% of the marks, while the CBSE finish can reach up to 98% of the marks. In such a situation, CBSE students will have an advantage over students from other state committees.

The new system may lead to the exploitation of students by teachers who teach their subjects. Students may be forced to charge tuition fees to certain teachers to achieve better grades on exams and classroom exercises. What is the alternative? we ask. “Instead of trying to erase the iit jee coaching in Kharghar from the face of Indian academics, MHRD staff, school officials, training centre owners and the IIT-JEE organization should sit down together and find a long-term solution.

It is estimated that more than 3.85 million students took the exam, but the exam was passes only by some 10,350 candidates. This indicates the large number of frivolous applicants participating in IIT-JEE and iit jee coaching in Thane. The review is a welcome step. This will certainly lead to greater transparency and accountability throughout the selection process, eliminating the possibility of problems.