What are the choices for the board of education?

One of the mandatory and important parenting responsibilities is to provide the best schooling for their children. Education has been more modern and innovative with various boards of systems. Every education board is more effective and qualitative. With various new education systems, it isn’t very easy for parents to pick the suitable one. Here you are provided with a clarification of popular educational boards:


Among all current education systems, CBSE is the most prominent and effective one. With the highly conventional teaching structure, the CentralBoard of Secondary Education is implemented in most schools widely.CBSE follows a unique grading system that focuses on vocabulary and social progress. It focuses on Continuous Comprehensive Assessment to screen their performance. CBSE is trusted by parents who seek opportunities for children across the nation.

State board 

State boards have their syllabus and strategy that has variations from one state to another. The curriculum of the state highly focuses on the regional-based program and curriculum. Materials provided for subjects help with the opportunities for jobs within the state. The system plays a major role among all the boards of secondary education. More than half of the student population pursues their education on state boards.


ICSE is considered as one of the promising boards that provide practical education to students. The council of ICSE is applicable for the private schooling sectors. The syllabus of ICSE is appreciable for its comprehensive learning process. The curriculum is integrated, balanced, and maintains comprehensive learning. Language is being focused on teaching that ensures proficiency in communicating. It completely supports students who dreams of study abroad.


This education board allows students to choose the various stream of study in their 11 and 12 grades. Like ICSE, CISCE is also implemented only in the private schooling sector. The board primarily focuses on providing a high-quality education for all professional courses. The rational approach to education develops students equally in science, humanities, and language courses. CISCE also covers the ICSE syllabus in the curriculum. CISCE is preferred by students who are fond of the practical approach than the theoretical approach.


The board of education dreams of universal and free education for all students. In this board, the whole process of education is up to the wish of students. Students themselves customize the way of learning like what, how, and when to learn. It also provides after-school education to the students.NIOS is the largest open school facility that conducts secondary and post-secondary examinations equal to CBSE and CISCE. OBE education can be completely enjoyed in NIOS. The board can also be recommended for vocational courses and practical training. Open hand opportunities are provided for people who start their learning lately.


It is a non-profit academics corporation that is tied up with education boards. IB curriculum handles critical skills, humanity, vocabulary, and arts. It is a multinational academic organization that is favored by students who are planning to relocate internationally. IB develops students to perform highly in critical analysis, and it gives experience with challenging academic work.

Bottom line:

Decision on the choice of board is advised to consider the student’s future and their dreams.