Things you must know about high schools in Canada if you’re an international student

Canada is preferred by several students all over the world that wish to study in a different country. With the availability of cost-effective degree programs and world-class private schools, Canada is a dream destination for many students. The private schools in Canada for international students highly value their students and even help them to settle there. If you’re willing to complete your high schooling in Canada, you must know these things:

The classrooms are modern

If you decide to complete your high schooling from one of the high schools in Canada, you’ll notice the presence of modern classrooms in every school there. Keeping an eye over the technology, the schools in Canada make sure that their students get top-quality education from well-qualified teachers and via digital literacy. As a student, you can access world-class technology to make your learning experience better.

The credentials are recognized all over the world

The high-school programs and diplomas offered by all the International Schools in Ontario or anywhere else in Canada are recognized by all post-secondary institutions all over the world. This is because of the powerful education system of the country and some schools even provide university prep courses that can help you in getting admission to your desired university.

The duration of the high school

The duration of the high school is dependent on the province of the country where you’re studying. Some schools consider grades 9 to 12 as high school and some consider grades 7 to 11. However, you’ll complete your education at the age of 18. You’ll start your year in September and it will end in June next year.

The admission process

The process is quite simple. You are eligible to take admission to any International School in Toronto even if you have a passing grade (50%). You can start with the application and provide some documents that include a copy of your passport, declaration of eligibility, and your school history of the past three years. For international students, it is mandatory to have intermediate to high-level proficiency in the English language. However, you can submit the application without the English test but you have to give an online test later for the same.

Subjects that you have to study 

The study curriculum and courses vary from province to province if you’re studying in Canada. However, you have to study core subjects like mathematics, science, and English to receive the diploma. Besides these subjects, the schools in Canada also offer different courses regarding university prep or may include interesting subjects like business, technology, art, natural sciences, marketing, film making, etc.

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