Phillip Sanders – Balancing the Unique with the Heartfelt


Songwriting is a form of expression. It takes enthusiasm, inventiveness, and ambition, just like every other type of art. A song can be written by a single person today and be heard by millions of people a century later. It’s not just the words that make the song so strong; it’s also the concept, the emotions, and the aesthetic exhibition. When crafting a piece, you must pull together fragmentary words into knowledge related to people’s personal lives. The best songwriters find a way to work around the system. The amount of time spent on songwriting varies from person to person, relying on their level of inventiveness. The ultimate line is that every composing song has the fundamentals. 

Phillip Sanders, an American country singer and composer has been surrounded by music since he was a child. Composing music was his second nature, growing up in a family wealthy with musical talent. Everyone can identify with Sanders’ deep, intense, and heartfelt compositions; he pours his emotions and spirit into his lyrics.

He states that you don’t have to wonder why every composer you know decides to write something distinctive. Simply put, originality means it hasn’t been done before, and there’s no better way to distinguish yourself from other composers than to compose something that has never been done quite like that. While this is accurate, consider this: the classic old love song continues to sell. Everything there is to write about love has already been talked about. Love songs continue to draw interest, and it’s challenging to develop a novel approach to them now.

Despite this, love songs continue to be popular. Looking for originality is unlikely to offer anything when it comes to love songs. So, it’s not originality that makes a love song popular. But what exactly is it? If you create something that touches the listener’s heart, you’ve accomplished something far more potent than originality ever could. What sells is writing a song that resonates with the audience’s emotions (actual or imagined). So, if you’ve composed a draft about love, the fact that it’s your song is usually all the distinctiveness you’ll need.

You’ll need the following to make it a breakthrough:

  1. A universal emotion is expressed in this lyric. “If I didn’t love you, girl” is almost always going to work because everyone can connect to the excitement of that experience.
  2. A love song with basic, conversational vocabulary. The “Over a Beer” finishes with the phrase, “Mmm, baby, let’s start over, over a beer” that line brings Phillip’s emotional substance to its pinnacle, expressing what everybody has felt at a certain point in their lives.
  3. An up & down pattern. The song’s sentiment is expressed through an up-and-down pattern. Listeners are taken on a delightful “roller coaster” ride of emotions by employing verses to describe circumstances and chants to show emotion, and they enjoy it.

The musical composition shines out as the unique aspect of Phillip’s music. The intelligent use of vocal tone and style and the instrumentation distinguish his songs and give them the individuality it requires.

The words, however, allude to something far more universal: “I wouldn’t be standing here on your front porch, screaming at your front door

; “I wouldn’t feel my heart skipping every time I pick you up” all of these feelings are basic and universal to the human experience. That is what captures our emotional interest. In the end, the simplicity of feeling — composing something truly heartfelt — will shine out and signify in the slightest more than the distinctiveness of a song.