Overview Of Some Of The Courses Offered By The National Institute Of Design


NID being considered as the best design institute recognized by the government of India offers various design courses in India. Each year thousands of students apply for NID admission, but only a fraction of them finally makes it to the merit list of the NID DAT Exam. 

Most famous courses offered by NID

The National Institute of Design offers both Bachelors as well as masters degree courses for design. Some of the famous courses of NID are as mentioned below:

Animation film design: This course is of four years duration and the design faculty is communication design. This course is offered for bachelor as well as master degrees. The main objective of this course offered by NID is to provide solutions for complex problems faced in the various fields of communication design, by utilizing animation film making as a creative medium.  In the initial part of this course, the students learn about the basic design skills and topics which help them in broader understanding of the course. During the final year, the students are more exposed to workshops and hands-on mode of learning where they experiment with various medium, Mixed Media, Pixilation, Graphic narratives etc. 

Ceramic and glass design: This is a four years duration course and the design faculty is Industrial design. This course is offered for bachelor as well as master degrees.

This course offered by NID is inspired from the traditional arts and crafts of India.The students of this course get to learn about the critical inputs into fundamental design including form, color, structure, light, space, etc. Besides, the input in ergonomics makes the students aware of the usability aspects. With the help of the overall understanding of technology, production techniques, material skills, the students are capable of working in a variety of industry producing tableware, tiles, sanitary ware, etc.

Exhibition Design: This course is of four year duration and the design faculty is communication design. Only course is offered in bachelor degree. This course is a synthesis of multiple design disciplines that are brought together to communicate objects, information and ideas across a range of three-dimensional environments. This specific discipline considers the exhibition from different perspectives which deals with a mastery spatial planning, image manipulation, color narrative and multimedia. 

This course includes staging of representative as well as experimental spaces, interior design environments, scenography for festivities, museum, galleries etc.

Textile design: This is a four year course and is offered for bachelors as well as masters degree programs.

This program deals with the fundamentals of textile design which includes textile fiber, weave structure, dyeing techniques and basic inputs in garment designs. The students of this course are encouraged to design textiles for the apparel and furnishing industry with the help of increasingly complex designs.  Several interdisciplinary projects of designing textile for Public Spaces, Exhibition, interiors are included in this program.

These are some of the courses for which thousands of students applies for NID Admission and each of them have to appear for NID DAT Exam to become a student of this institute.