Exploring STEM Subjects with Your Child

STEM teaches children important skills for the future such as how to review data and think critically. It equips and prepares them to take on leading roles in science, technology, engineering, and maths and make revolutionary changes to the world. We have teamed up with a boarding school in the UK to share how you can explore STEM with your child.

Get Cooking

Cooking involves many chemical processes, all of which you can teach your child about at home. Processes such as evaporation, condensation, conduction and many more all the while teaching them invaluable life skills. Science aside, there are other lessons that you can teach while cooking such as maths when weighing ingredients.

Outdoor Play

There are plenty of lesson ideas in the outdoors too. For one, you can teach your child about astronomy by stargazing and getting them to draw out what they can see in the night sky. If you have a telescope, you can use that too to create more detailed illustrations and include planets that are not visible to the naked eye. Other lessons could be on the plant life cycle and adaptation. The possibilities are endless.

Online Games

In 2022 you can find a video game on just about anything. Coding, maths and science. You name it, and you will find a game on it. This can be handy if you want your child to spend more time on their school work or if they struggle to stay engaged. Best of all, many of them have lessons too so you don’t need to be versed on coding and algorithms to help your child get ahead.

Visit An Exhibition

Exhibitions can show your child all the things that are possible when you apply your knowledge of science and technology. It can even inspire them to take on a project of their own.