5 Characteristics of a Great Preschool Teacher

Even now many people will remember our kindergarten teacher. They are the first ones who helped us to learn in a more playful manner. The sweet gesture of them towards us helps us to retain them throughout our life. Even we have a huge respect for them and fondly speaking to them when it happens to visit them back. Here we will discuss the characteristics of these preschool teachers.


Many love to be around the kids and if you have a desire to make a real difference in the lives of young children, then that is the great quality of a preschool teacher. Best preschool recruits their staff that has the kind of passion in them. If they are not passionate enough then the teaching seems to be extra difficult. They even get paid low. A preschool teacher should have a positive approach even if they have very hard circumstances.


Usually teachers will be polite to give answers for the questions that the kids usually raise. Each student is different and kids with different mentality will form a classroom. Especially with young children who have to be given constant reminders about manners, hygiene and classroom procedures and all of these things should be a part of a typical school day. From slow learners to behavioral challenges, it is important for a teacher to be more patient in order to keep the classroom environment more balanced. Usually preschool teachers will remain calm even in a more pressurized environment.


Creativity in the classroom can be done in making more fun art projects for your students. They should teach about the different cultures and standards across the country. Using the materials and the kind of restrictions they have, it is important for the teachers to enhance creativity in the students mind. When creativity is thought in a more fun and playful manner then kids too enjoy them.


When you handle kids you have to always expect the unexpected things. So you should be alarming to all the situations that are happening to the kids. When they are flexible they can deal with change and they can handle almost anything. Accommodate curriculum with a reduced budget and know to handle the rainy days and plan alternatives for the kids. With the kind of flexibility they can teach young children with constant fine tuning and dealing with minor issues.


The dedication and the commitment the teachers offer will give more value for their school campus. Teachers were the first ones to teach the dedication for the school children, they learn from them. When they have constant education, they upgrade themselves and bring more innovation to the classroom. The young buds need more attention and creativity to start learning in the very young age.

A preschool is where the kids learn all their core values, so teachers need to educate them in a way that they feel secure and comfortable to mingle with the kids. All the above 5 characteristics are very important for a nursery teacher to handle the kids effectively.